• Multifuel Spin-On Fuel Filter Conversion Kit


    If you have an M35A2 with the multifuel engine this is a great conversion for you to update your fuel filtration system to a more modern style spin-on filter system.

    We took and replaced the whole stock system from the fuel tank to the injection pump.  The stock system has the secondary filters running in series, this means the first filter is doing all the work and the second filter isn't really doing much of anything.  In essence you are spending money on a filter that's not being used.  We are using only two filters for the whole system.  Both filters will be in the location of the secondary filters for easy access.  You will get a complete list of usable filters for filtering your fuel all the way down to 2 microns, far superior to the stock system.  

    This system can also be used to bypass the FDC if not already bypassed.

    Please allow extra time to install if you have a winch model truck.  Yes it can be done it just takes some extra patients and time but not too much.

    What's in the box:

    • New filter mount assembly
    • All new fuel supply lines from the tank to the injection pump
    • An instruction manual for install

    We ran into an issue of many trucks having different style fittings on the copper return line.  We resolved this by supplying a compression fitting to use with the kit on your trucks return line.  We originally designed the kit with the OEM style but because these trucks are 40 plus years old your fitting may have been changed at some point in time and what we did supply didn't match.  

    Please note that if you have a 5 ton with the multifuel this kit will only fit with modification to the mount and will not be a direct bolt in kit.

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