• Wheel O-Rings for 20" Two Piece Combat RIms

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    These O-Rings are for the M939 series 5 Ton two piece combat rims as well as the M35A3 two piece combat rim.  

    HEMTT and FMTV O-Rings are available following this link.

     Always clean the two mating surfaces of any rust and debris before installing the new o-ring.  I personally like to take the time to lightly sandblast and then paint the two surfaces.  However, a wire brush should be just as effective but may take a little more time to clean out.

    Can also be purchased with the new valve stem grommets.  Many times the valve stem is good but it's a wise idea to replace the grommet for it at the same time you are replacing the large o-ring.

    What's in the box?

    • One o-ring, unless selecting the multiple o-ring sets