• Military Dog Tags


    We are now offering Dog Tags on the website.    

    When ordering a Matched Set the two tags will be made with identical information.  The set will come with one long chain selected from the drop down menu and one 4.5" boot length chain matching your long chain selection.

    All stainless steel tags and ball chains are standard military issue.

    Instructions to order:

    • Select if you want One Tag or a Matched Set.  Please note that a matched set is two identical tags -- one long chain and one boot chain.
    • Select the type of Dog Tag you want.  We offer Standard, WWII Notch, Red Medical Alert, and Brass.  The WWII tag does not come with a silencer, it's kind of pointless.
    • Select the type of chain you want.  Stainless steel 27" ball chain is standard and we consider 24" to be a junior.  Unless you have a small neck we do not recommend adults to use the junior chain.  If using your Dog Tags for a decorative display you can choose None under the chain selection.
    • Select your Silencer color option.  We're sorry that we no longer offer all of the color options pictured, sometimes the suppliers retire our available colors due to poor sales.  If you choose the WWII Notch Dog Tag please select the None option here because they don't come with the silencer and it's kind of pointless.  You also can select None if you simply don't want one.
    • Select what you want your Dog Tag to say.  You can select up to 15 characters (spaces count as a character) per line and up to 5 lines.  You can skip a line, center on a line, whatever you want, just don't go over the 15 character limit, because we can't.  All capital letters and numbers are available.  Special characters available are . , & : - / % '.  Please keep in mind this machine is over 65 years old and some of the characters we take for granted now weren't much of a thought when this machine was made.
    • We do not have "+" symbol available.  When entering a blood type such as O+ please use O POS.
    If ordering multiple tags with different information you will have to enter each Dog Tag individually. 
    All Dog Tags are Debossed, sunken letters.