• Spin-On Fuel Filter Kit for all M939 and M809 Trucks


    This is a great option to replace your current canister type fuel filter.  With this kit you will get a list of different Wix filter numbers you can use, or cross to other brands, as well as their micron rating so you can tailor the filtration level for your application.  Select your model truck to get the right kit for you.  The M939 and M939A1 with the 250 Cummins is different than the M939A2 with the 8.3 Cummins and then the fuel lines are different for the trucks with dual fuel tanks.  If you have an M809 series truck select the kit for the M939A1 and they are a direct fit.

    Product video The video shows the older two-piece mount.  The new mounts are one piece 3/8" aluminum angle.  Much stronger and nicer looking. 

    Customer Video This is a video made from one of my longtime customers who recently bought a few kits.

    What's in the box?
    • New dual spin on fuel filter mount
    • New fuel lines from the fuel tank to the filter heads and from the filter heads to the injection pump
    • If you are ordering one for a truck that has dual fuel tanks the new fuel line will go from the filter heads to the splitter valve
    • Complete list of usable filters with micron rating and a highlight of what I use on my personal truck

    Please select your model of truck to ensure you get the right unit for your application.