• M37 Adapter Plate


    Want to run a more modern radial tire on your Dodge M37 or Power Wagon?  This ⅜” adapter plates for the two piece HMMWV wheel is a great option.  The adapter works with the 12 or 24 bolt two piece HMMWV wheel.  We can supply you with the wheel or you can supply your own.

    The adapter uses the stock studs from the HMMWV rim you assemble the rim and tire as normal sandwiching the adapter between the locking nuts and the outer face plate of the rim.

    Don’t want to machine or cut out your rim?  No worries, let us machine the rim for you one one of our lathes.  Each rim will be machined to fit the adapter plate just right and then is sent off for chemical stripping.  Once the rim is stiped is is glass blasted for an even finish and powder coated satin black.  All of the hardware has been sent out for shot blasting and a fresh coat of yellow zinc.  

    Don’t want to worry about mounting and balancing the tires on your own?  Let us do it for you.  Ask us about complete rim and tire packages.

    Want a color besides black or 383 green? Contact us with your special request.

    Machined Rim for Adapter Plate available here.

    Contact us about Rim and Tire Packages Here.

    If you have your own rims and want to cut them yourself here is a video for doing that. It's a very easy process to do on your own.