• 24 Bolt HMMWV Rims Load Range E and D


    Please note that no matter what I do with the the weights and dimensions of there rims our website shipping calculator can't seem to get it right for most of you.  If you get an extremely high shipping rate, please send us an email and we will gladly run a manual shipping quote for you. If you receive and outlandish quote please email for an accurate quote.  Ken@mvpartstore.com

    Load Range E or Load Range D HMMWV Rims.  Complete with valve stem, nuts, and new o-0ring.

    Just need o-rings, click here.

    Need new Valve Stems, click here.

    Yes the website will allow you to select USPS Priority shipping when purchasing these.  However, the weight and box size exceed the allowable limit for Priority.  Please do not select Priority, if you do it will still ship via UPS and your transit times might be different than you expected.  Very sorry that our website isn't smart enough to figure this out.  We have been working very hard to get the website to figure out an accurate shipping cost for these.  Unfortunately, depending where you live sometimes the website is still calculating an extreme cost, well over $100 per rim.  If that happens to you, please email us with your shipping information so we can get you an accurate price.  Thank you.