• Tire Bead Setting and Rust Prevention Compound


    We mount a lot of tires every week here in the shop, so it was finally decided to bottle our tire compound and sell it to anyone looking to mount their own tires.  

    This stuff is messy and sticky but it works great.  Not only does it help set the bead on the tires you're mounting, it also helps prevent rust from forming on the beads.  The rust is what makes it not only difficult to remove the tire, it also causes the tire to leak air over time.  This is also safe for use on o-rings because it's not petroleum based.  Yes you can water it down and make it go further.

    One jar, about 1.75 pounds, is enough to do at least four tires, sizes from 395/85R20-16.00R20.  Can be used with all tire sizes from all manufactures.

    Non toxic, safe to work with by hand, just makes about the same mess as working with anti seize.

    Please note, because of the packaging nature of this product it must ship via UPS ground or USPS first class, it can't ship via any form of air system.