• Desplined Front Axle Caps for Rockwell 5 ton Axles

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    This item is out of stock

    In about 5 minutes you can pull off your stock front axle caps and put on these desplined units for a full free wheeling front axle.  These are great for the driver who is going to keep their truck on the road most of the time.  These units will improve your mileage and reduce the wear on the front tires.  If ever you decide it's time to go off road with your truck then simply put your old units back on and let your off road adventure begin.  I personally carry my stock units in my side tool box with my cordless impact for when the feeling strikes to go play.  

    All units have been machined to work with either standard M939 or and M939A2 trucks with the CTIS.

    Available sandblasted and painted or left in original paint and color for a cheaper option.

    What's in the box?

    • Two desplined front axle caps.  Possibly green, black, or tan.
    • Two new gaskets
    You can watch the INSTALL VIDEO here.