• 395/85R20 Goodyear MVT 100% Tread


    The 395/85R20 Goodyear MVT is an amazingly capable on and off road tire.  From mud to sand to snow there isn't a much better tire for you truck.  At just over 46" tall these tires can be a great change if you want to run singles on your Deuce or 5 Ton.  Originally mounted on the FMTV/LMTV trucks the can handle the workload of your other military trucks and give you an incredibly aggressive look.

    Our stock of tires is ever changing.  We usually carry two grades of the Goodyear MVT, our A and A- grade.  A grade is what you would expect in a high quality tire like an MVT.  The A- is still a great tire but at a huge savings.  These tires will have some kind of blemish on the sidewall.  It might be an impression from another tire it was stacked on, a strap mark from being strapped to a pallet, or a chain mark from the spare tire carrier.  These tries will run $100 less than an A graded tire.  Nice savings for a tire that is mechanically sound and very much road worthy, just a little less pretty.

    Please contact us for an accurate freight quote.  The website is not accurate for freight shipments and the rates can, and usually are, lower.  For an accurate shipping quote please email Ken@mvpartstore.com.  Or call (414)839-9966.