• Meep

    $2,900.00 $2,500.00

    Introducing the MEEP.  This is a fun Jeep style gokart that is a true blast to drive.  Easily seats two adults and still speeds down the trail.  

    The reason we choose the name "MEEP"?  I brought home one of these units to test out and see just how durable I thought they were.  I won't sell anything to you that I don't think will last.  At the end of the day everyone in the house was referring to it as "my jeep", so we settled on MEEP.  As a way to say it belongs to me.  Needless to say my wife has laid claim to this unit and I now have to ask her for permission to take it out and show it to potential customers.  Every time she is sure to let me know that her MEEP is not for sale.

    They come with features such as:

    Three forward gears.  No need to memorize a shift pattern, just pull the lever back to climb the gears and push it forward to go down in gear. 

    Reverse gear.  Push the lever forward and into reverse you will go.

    125CC four stroke motor.  This will help your MEEP reach speeds of 30MPH

    Seat belts.  To keep you seated when you hit what feels like a blazing fast speed.

    A Jerry can for carrying extra fuel.  No telling where the fun might take you so it's always best to carry some extra fuel.

    Disc brakes.  Sometimes you need to stop in a hurry and when that time comes it's nice to have the stopping performance of disc brakes.

    Working lights.  Yes that's right, working headlights, taillights, brake lights and directionals.  This way if your in a parade or racing your friends you'll always have the safety of knowing what each other is doing.

    Full coil over suspension.  It does help smooth the ride for you and your passenger.

    Square tube steel frame.  Each unit is built with a full steel square tube frame for years of fun.

    Electric start.  No need to sit there and pull a cord every time you want to go for a ride.  Simply turn your key and go.

    Article in Military Vehicle Magazine:

    Drive the  MEEP

    Enjoy some videos:

    Introducing the MEEP

    A little more fun on the MEEP

    Our delivery service will take the MEEP to their closest terminal to you.  Sorry but at this time they can't offer a lift gate service to your home due to the size of the MEEP and their lift gate restrictions.  If you have a business address with a dock they will gladly deliver it right to you.