• M939 Power Control Box (PCB)

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    These are used but tested good Power Control Boxes, sometimes referred to as a PCB or black box.  This box is responsible for making sure you only start your truck once by not allowing you to send power to the starter when the truck is already running.  

    When they go bad one, or all of these three things can happen:

    • Truck won't start
    • Truck won't have any lights
    • Truck won't have any working gauges
    I personally carry one with me where ever I go as cheap insurance to get me home.  They will take about 15 minutes to change out when they go bad and may require a channel locks to get the connector to come off so it's a good idea to carry one along in your basic tool kit.

    What's in the box?

    • One used but good power control box
    These will fit all M939, M939A1 and M939A2 series trucks.